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What Beautiful Blessings means to me... As a Teacher, I encourage my students to believe in themselves and whatever they set their minds to can be accomplished. I want my students to be proud of themselves. Everyday, young girls and women are faced with the stigmas that "That I'm not good enough, "I don't fit in", and "I don't look like that". Beautiful Blessings encourages young girls and women to be proud of who themselves. Beautiful Blessings shows that beauty comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Also to embrace their beauty with class, dignity, and respect. Beautiful Blessings help young girls and women know that they are fearfully and wonderfully made. And with that encouragement the possibilities are ENDLESS!
-Angela Y. Porter
Children of America
Lead Teacher
Philadelphia, PA.

Beautiful Blessings has indeed been a "blessing" for our Girls leadership group. We have teamed up with Raveen to offer workshops for our middle school students on self care, self esteem and self identity using the curriculum that accompanies the doll. The social emotional piece is also supported through the Beautiful Blessings Program. We love our "Debra doll" and she sits nicely in the school Principal's office.
We will continue to use this program to empower our young girls and boost self esteem.
Many Thanks,
-Jesenia Castro, Director
Foxborough & Walpole METCO Program
Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity

I’ve seen girls feel insecure about their looks at a young age based on what they see in toy stores. Beautiful blessings doll collection is a platform that encourages women and young ladies acknowledging that everyone is different and accepted. Whether your small or big, everyone is beautiful. As a father to be of a young girl, I couldn’t be happier to purchase dolls that personifies a positive image that my daughter can embrace and mirror.
-Christopher Lee, CEO
Prominence Insurance
Duluth, GA 30096

It has been an absolute joy working alongside Raveen James. Her Beautiful Blessings campaign has been truly inspirational and I am happy to be a part of such an empowering movement.
From the conception to completion, Raveen has orchestrated a product and idea that enables young black girls, and women to take pride in their beauty. For so long, we, black women have sat on the sidelines and watched industry after industry purposely ignore our existence by creating products that do not cater to our unique attributes. Our skin, hair, color, style, body type, and culture have been underlooked, which in turn has led so many of us to despise and/or disguise our God-given uniqueness.
Beautiful Blessings dolls are quite the opposite. Raveen has successfully created a doll that not only captures our beauty, but also tells our story. Each curvaceous and full-figured doll contains a message that reminds women of color, we are more than just factory standard.
-Natasha N. Goss
Artistic Writer
Author of "Color the World with You"


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