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The Virtuous Lady Doll

The first doll from Beautiful Blessings Doll Collection, the Virtuous Lady, represents self-love and includes a motivational message. She is a 100 percent custom-made doll and brand new to the market.

A Doll with a Realistic Figure

One of the most attractive things about the Lady is that she isn't thin or heavy. Her average, curvy build lets children and women know that the images of women in the media and magazines aren't always realistic.

Girls and women should be encouraged to love and care for their unique and beautiful bodies, rather than be bombarded with messages to attain an impossible figure that is not natural to most. 

Virtuous Lady Doll

More Than Just a Pretty Face

Not only is The Virtuous Lady a beautiful African-American doll, she represents a confident and intelligent girl. Her skin color is not what's most important, it's her character.

She's kind and ambitious. Her positive attitude, faithfulness, and good spirit shine through. Her affirming self-image reminds each of us to be the best version of ourselves.

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